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Frequently Asked Questions

Although we don't recommend it for safety reasons, the Mk II is water and dust resistant so yes you can.

The Mk II and its front truck sport super-wide 243mm trucks for increased stability and comfort when riding.

The Mk II comes with a pair of on-road and off-road wheels. The on-road wheels are 97mm in diameter and the off-road wheels are 105mm.

There are 3 riding modes, eco, cruise and pro. Eco is maxed out at 15km/h with slow acceleration. Cruise is maxed out at 30km/h with medium acceleration and pro is maxed out at 40km/h with strong acceleration.

p>Yes you can. Our hub motors were developed with minimal friction to allow the board to glide like a standard longboad when not accelerating or braking.

Yes! Holding back the brake and double-pressing the power button activates reverse. The reverse LED on the remote will light up red when in reverse mode.

Yes! With a 4 wheel drive set you can either use both on one deck with a single remote or use each one on seperate decks with seperate remotes as two boards.

Yes, we are currently in the development an app.


All our boards come standard with a one year warranty. We want to make sure that everyone gets the most out of their IvoryBoard. If anything breaks within a year we replace the part or the entire kit for free. Please contact us if you have experienced any issues and we'll be sure to help out.

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