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Cutting Edge Technology

The Mk II features the best technology on the market making it one of the highest performing boards available

Top Speed

The Mk II reaches speeds of up to 50km/h. Your top speed may vary depending on your weight and environment .

Max Range

An average of a 15-20km maximum range can be achieved with the Mk II when riding economically. Be aware that the range varies heavily in accordance with environment and range.

Incline Capability

The Mk II is capable of climbing hills with a maximum incline of up to 23 degrees (43%) in optimal conditions. Again, this varies on conditions and rider.


Each of the Mk II hub motors run on 1000W giving it the power necessary to reach high speeds and generate large amounts of torque.

Battery Capacity

The Mk II battery pack boasts a remarkable 180Wh capacity that gives the kit its awesome single-charge range.

Wheel Diameter

The Mk II on-road wheels sport a 97mm diameter while the off-road wheels boast a 105mm diameter. These large wheels create a smoother ride with the Mk II.

Integrated Hub Motors

The Mk II features in-built hub motors. Our hub motors give the kit its sleek look and removability while still delivering 2000W of power to the ground each to give the Mk II's remarkable performance. The compact design also allows for our boards to free-wheel like a standard longboard without much resistance.

We build all our boards to an elite quality standard to ensure that all our customers get the most out of the motor kits. Our assembly process includes rigorous quality control systems and we use the highest quality materials practically obtainable. The kits are made modular so that in the case of a breakdown, it can be quickly and efficiently repaired by replacing specific parts rather than fully replaced each time.

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